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Quarterly Urdu Journal Fikr-o-Tehqeeq is a prestigious literary magazine of NCPUL, publishing literary criticism and research work , projecting new pursuits and trends in the field of literature as whole and catering the informative input for Urdu students specially as well as other serious readers of Urdu literature. Price: Rs 25 per Copy and Annual Subscription Rate Rs 100.

January February March 2019



FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ October to December 2018

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ July to September 2018

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ April to June 2018

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ January to March 2018

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ October to December 2017

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ July to September 2017

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ January to June 2017

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ October November December 2016

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ July August September 2016

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ April May June 2016

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ January February March 2016

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ October November December 2015

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ July August September2015

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ April May June 2015

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ January February March 2015

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ October November December 2014

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ July August September 2014

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ April May June 2014

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ January February March 2014

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ October November December 2013

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ July August September 2013

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ April May June 2013

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ January February March 2013

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ October November December 2012

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ July August September 2012

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ April May June 2012

FIKR-O-TAHQEEQ January February March 2012

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