5.1 इस तरह की अन्य जानकारी निर्धारित की जा सकती है [F.No. 1/2/2016-आईआर डीटी। 17.8.2016, एफ नंबर 1/6/2011-आईआर डीटी। 2013/04/15]

  1. Name & details of
    1. Current CPIOs & FAAs
      Prof. Dhananjay Singh
      The Appellate Authority
      Shri Mohd. Ahmed
      Public Information Officer
      Assistant Director (Admn.)
  2. Earlier CPIO & FAAs from 28.09.2018
    Dr. Aquil Ahmad
    The Appellate Authority
  3. Details of third party audit of voluntary disclosure
    1. 10.11.2022
    2. Report of the audit received from ISTM
  4. Appointment of Nodal Officers not below the rank of Joint Secretary/ Additional HoD
    1. Date of appointment
    2. 18.08.2021
    3. Name & Designation of the officers
      Shri S. M. Khurram, Research Officer, Nodal Officer (for handling web portal on RTI matter)
  5. Consultancy committee of key stake holders for advice on suo-motu disclosure
    1. Dates from which constituted
    2. Name & Designation of the officers Not Applicable
  6. Committee of PIOs/FAAs with rich experience in RTI to identify frequently sought information under RTI
    1. Dates from which constituted not applicable
    2. Name & Designation of the Officers not applicable