Prof. Aquil Ahmad

Dr. Aquil Ahmad
Statement of Purpose/ CV

Academician, Litterateur (Urdu), Administrator, Community Worker and Director, National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language



Prof Aquil Ahmad has been a Professor of proven worth in the Department of Urdu, Satyawati College at University of Delhi and presently, on deputation, has been very ably serving for the noble cause of Urdu and its syncretic ambience gelling the people of various communities like sugar and milk, as the Director of NCPUL (National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language).

George Orwell and Aquil Ahmad share a commonality:

As George Orwell and Prof Aquil were both born at Motihari (Bihar), they also share the literary and academic taste of course in different languages — English and Urdu. The way Orwell worked on fantasy in “1984”, Ahmad’s masterpiece is, “Urdu Fiction mein FantasykiJamaliat”, also on the same topic.

Self-made man, exemplary success story:

Besides being a dynamic, enlightened and go-getter academician, Prof Aquil also occupies a higher pedestal among the authors, writers and orators on the global fabric of Urdu world. Being a young and vibrant Urdu writer, he has been active in the national and international Urdu platforms, having authored 8 highly sought after books, 8 edited books, 80 English, Hindi and Urdu articles, 12 chapters in edited books, 7 prefaces, 47 papers in India and abroad apart from being the Chief Guest or Guest of Honour during the umpteenth number of occasions. This memorable academic journey is still on, now at a much faster pace. He has also been the editor of multiple NCPUL monthlies, quarterlies, that is, “Fikr-o-Tahqeeq”, “Urdu Dunia”, “Bachchonki Dunia”, “Khwateenki Dunia” etc besides an umpteenth number of books. His penchant for children’s Urdu literature has resulted in the rejuvenation of Urdu as a language of communal concord today — something that had died down — but now, on a fast track.

Expertise at the electronic and print media language:

Owing to his multifarious expertise on the language, which has enabled Prof Aquil Ahmad to enact a variety of roles in electronic media including a tele-film “ShantiDoot”, directed by Prakash Jha and the Door Darshan serial, “Gulistan Bostan”, the Urdu world visualizes him as a celebrity already. Though a professor of Urdu, he has marvelled his writing prowess both in English as well as Hindi to the extent that as a multi-lingual writer, many journalists have written columns upon him. His writings are bedecked with literary genius and journalistic excellence and hence, are a treat to peruse through by one and all and especially the connoisseurs of his creations!

A class organiser with creative genius:

There’s an exhaustive list of the national and international awards heaped upon Prof Aquil Ahmad on account of his all-round brilliance. During his tenure, Prof Aquil has also organized two international Urdu conferences, one of which was during the pandemic in 2020 and much appreciated because of his and his team’s never say die efforts to rejuvenate Urdu and provide the cultured and cultivated language, a rejuvenating push.

Watchword: Honesty is the best policy:

Owing to his participation and expertise in a plethora of varied activities in the field of administration, publication, organization, his calling a spade a spade and honesty being his watchword during the disposition of his duty in his three-year tenure, Prof Aquil has been felicitated with a two-year extension as the director, NCPUL — something that many of his predecessors haven’t achieved.

The king-maker’s academic excellence:

Regarding Prof Aquil’s illustrious academic journey that started with Phulwar High School in the historic Champaran town of Bihar (where Mahatama Gandhi fought his famous Indigo crops case) till a doctorate from Delhi University, has been that of a focused and poised and single minded achiever, both as a student as well as a distinguished Urdu teacher! As professor, he has guided the students not only in India but globally. His gilded academic success story right from his school days till he secured the first position in MA taking the baton through the M Phil to Ph D from Delhi University, has been extraordinary as a student and remarkable like a fairy tale! In fact no major university that has an Urdu department, is without one of his students, who call him a “King-Maker”.

Penchant for syncretic approach in Urdu:

It was owing to Prof Aquil’s penchant for Urdu that he took the language to the remote areas like, Goa, Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Manipur, Assam etc, ably proving that he is worth his salt (promotion of Urdu)! Not only nationally but internationally as well, Prof Aquil Ahmad as per the motto of the NCPUL, has promoted the cause of Urdu abroad as well.

Chiselled Urdu as a language of composite culture:

During more than 300 conferences, seminars, Urdu teachers’ and journalists’ refresher courses, calligraphy workshops, book launches, madrasa modernization programs and quiz competitions Prof. Aquil sought to focus that Urdu is a language of composite culture and syncretic ambience. Prof Aquil has conducted Urdu book fairs, Urdu, Persian and Arabic calligraphy exhibitions, “ghazal” and “mushaira” (Urdu poetry recitation and singing) evenings, storytelling sessions, Urdu drama etc besides many other activities involving the language, nationally/ internationally. On multiple occasions, he has been invited as an expert and Chief Guest in India and abroad. The newspapers in Dubai and Bangladesh carried columns about his participation in the world Urdu festivals there. Having achieved so much at this young age, success and triumph are bound to touch the feet of Prof Aquil Ahmad and he will touch the dizzy heights of achievement no sooner than later!