Grant in Aid Section (GIA)

GIA Section deals with the following schemes for promotion and propagation of Urdu language.

Introduction of the GIA Schemes

Scheme of Financial Assistance for Seminar/ Conference/ Workshop/Mushaira

These schemes are meant to help the other institutions taking up promotional activities for the Urdu language. Financial Assistance through this scheme is provided to NGOs, VOs, Trust/University, Department, as well as individuals. In case of societies and trusts, they must be registered with the NITI Aayog NGO portal Darpan. societies/Trust in order to be eligible for receiving the grant. In order to select proposals for funding, proposals are invited from interested parties through advertisement in National Newspapers and by sending circulars and proposals received up to the due date are placed before the GIA Committee constituted by the NCPUL for this purpose. The individual/agency that has received the grant has to submit the utilization certificate and a comprehensive report of the activity, sometimes observers from NCPUL are also deputed to monitor the activity.

Scheme of Financial Assistance for the Publication of Manuscripts

The scheme is aimed at providing financial assistance to Urdu/Arabic/Persian authors, translators, compilers, publishers in order to promote publication of quality Urdu material. The scheme is first advertised in the National News papers and applications received are placed before the GIA Committee, after approval financial assistance is provided. In this regard, a wide variety of books have been published as covering education, linguistics, literature, children literature, medicine, tib, science etc. Manuscripts selected are also distributed as a complimentary copy to the different libraries across the country.

Scheme of Financial Assistance for Projects

The scheme is designed to promote research projects in Urdu/Arabic/Persian and providing quality research material in Urdu/Arabic/Persian. In order to grant the financial assistance for a particular project to be taken up by any individual scholar or an institution, the scheme is first advertised in the National News Papers, proposals received are placed before the GIA Committee constituted by the NCPUL for this purpose and on the basis of recommendation of the committee, the project is accepted. Further soft copy of the abstract is uploaded on the NCPUL website.

Scheme of Bulk Purchase of Books/Periodicals/Journals

Objectives of the scheme are to promote and propagate the Urdu language by purchasing Urdu/Arabic/Persian book/periodicals/journals in bulk and distributing them among different libraries/institutions all over the country and encouraging production of quality books in Urdu/Arabic/Persian by authors/editors/translators/publishers etc.

The procedure adopted for awarding the grant in this case is similar as adopted in the said scheme i.e. inviting applications through advertisement and placing them before the concerned Committee constituted by the NCPUL for this purpose.

Grant in Aid Schemes
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