Academic Section/Panels

Under scheme of NCPUL publication, objectives of the scheme of is to provide quality and knowledge books in Urdu to Urdu reader, researchers etc.

The main objectives of these projects are the promotion and propagation of Urdu language and literature as well as translating and preparing the Urdu dictionaries (bilingual and trilingual), glossaries, encyclopedias, books on history of Urdu language, literature, linguistics, Publication of original writing, translating of important books, reprint of rare and classical books, development of text books for the students, academics and the general public for their academic purpose.

To meet the above objectives under the following panels:

  • Unani Medicine Panel
  • Social Science Panel
  • Natural Science Panel
  • Linguistic Panel
  • Literature Panel
  • Creative Writing Panel
  • Religion & Culture Panel
  • Arabic Panel
  • History of Urdu Literature
  • Persian Panel
  • Legal studies panel
  • Reprint Panel