Diploma in Computer Application (CA-BA MDTP)

One of the significant initiatives of the Council has been the transformation of Urdu speaking population into part of the employable technological workforce in the age of technology and computer. It not only provides job opportunity for Urdu speaking people but also increases computer literacy rate of the country. NCPUL launched a one-year course ‘Diploma in Computer Applications, Business Accounting, and Multilingual DTP’ across the country.

To transfer the information technology to language and making Urdu speaking boys and girls part of employable technology workforce of India, NCPUL establishes Computer Applications, Business Accounting and Multilingual DTP Centres (CABA-MDTP) across the country. At present, 511 CABA MDTP Centres are running in 261 Districts of 25 States in which 24462 students including 9784 girls have been admitted. So far 172934 students have been awarded diploma in Computer Applications, Business Accounting and Multilingual DTP.

Information required with application form (To be applied online only)

  1. Is NGO registered on Planning Commission Govt. of India website www.ngodarpan.gov.in? If yes, give registration number.
  2. Is NGO registered online on NCPUL website www.urducouncil.nic.in? If yes, give ID number.
  3. Whether the centre is located in the Minority Concentrated District?
  4. What is the literacy rate in the Area and is it educationally backward?
  5. Will the centre be establish in Border Area i.e. J&K or North East?
  6. Will the centre be establish in the Rural or Urban area? Please specify.
  7. Is the NGO working for upliftment of girls/women/differently able? Please specify.
  8. Is the NGO getting grant-in-Aid from any other Govt./Non-Govt. Organization for similar scheme?
  9. Please note that mere fulfillment of the eligibility conditions/ short listing for the inspection/ payment of inspection fee do not assure/ guarantee the approval of the establishment of CABA-MDTP centre.

Inspection fee

An Inspection fee of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only) Shall be charged only from the applicants the organizations which are short listed for Inspection.

Intact and fee

  1. No. of Seats - 40 in each session (i.e. January and July). In case more students, additional infrastructure, HW/SW will have to be provided by the NGO from their own fends.
  2. Fee - Monthly fee charged @ Rs.250/- p.m. per student (Rs. 500/- p.m. in State Capital / A class cities.
  3. Corpus Fund - The fee will be deposited in the bank account and will constitute the corpus fund, which will be utilized for the upgradation of the facilities and for such expenditure as approved by the Council. The amount must be deposited in separate savings Bank Account opened for the “Computer Applications, Business Accounting and Multilingual DTP” Centre.

Registration for Diploma in Urdu Language

  1. Every Computer Centre will necessarily be an Urdu Study Centre for “One Year Diploma in Urdu Language”. Passing in Urdu Diploma is compulsory.
  2. Registration Fee: The centre will be required to pay the following registration fee per student at the time of admission.
    1. Admission form & prospectus – Rs.10/-
    2. Fee for one year Diploma in Urdu Language – Rs.200/-
    3. Examination fee – Rs.330/-
    4. One year subscription charge to Urdu Duniya – Rs.150/-

    Establishment of Computer Applications