Certificate in Arabic Language


In the wake of an extended mandate of the Council for the promotion of Arabic and Persian languages, ‘One-year Certificate Course in the Arabic Language’ is offered for those who have no prior knowledge of Arabic Language and are keen to learn it. Presently, 426 Arabic Study Centres are running in 25 States and 241 Districts. 26283 students including 12606 girls have registered themselves for pursuing this course.

Eligibility for Accreditation of Arabic Language Study Centre

The organization applying for accreditation of Arabic Language Study Centre must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Registered under Society Registration Act and be functional for last three years.
  2. Registered with the Government on NITI Aayog NGO Darpan Portal www.ngodarpan.gov.in.
  3. Actively engaged in educational activities.

Course Structure

  1. The course will start from 1st April of each year. Duration of this course is one year. Last date of Registration in the course is 28th February.
  2. The course is aimed at developing the reading and writing skill in Arabic in the modern idiom.
  3. The course has been divided in four units.
  4. The book alongwith four units divided in two parts will be sent to study centre.
  5. All the four units are progressively integrated.
  6. Assessment shall be made through comprehensive units.
  7. A final written exam will be held at the end of the session.
  8. Certificate will be awarded only to those students who complete the four units successfully and pass the final written examination.

Fee Structure

The centre will be required to pay @ Rs. 200/- per student. In the case of direct individual learner, the course fee is Rs. 500/-.

Eligibility for Admission

  1. Students who can read and write Urdu language can take admission in this course.
  2. There is no age limit for this course.
  3. Student’s educational qualification should be 10th or equivalent (desirable).

Extent of Financial Assistance

  1. Honorarium to part-time Urdu teacher @ Rs. 4000/- p.m.; one teacher for 25-75 students, 2 teachers for above 75 students. Maximum limit for registration of students will be 100.
  2. For chartered accountant’s fee, stationary, postal and handling charges, electricity, phone, water etc. @ Rs.700/- p.m.

Establishment of Arabic language Study centre to run One year Certificate Course in Arabic Language