Book promotion section

Book Promotion Section of the Council is responsible for the sale of books, and participation in book fairs to promote NCPUL publications. The books published by Production section are received directly from Press in Bundles. These are counted as per order and then stored in steel racks. Books are sent to the Sales Counter as per requirement. Despatch of books to the agents/users is through transport/post. Stock keeping done in Stock Register and maintained in Computer. Annual stock taking is done once in a year and books which are not in a sellable condition are weeded out. Books are sold to the individuals at NCPUL office counter. Receipt is given to the individuals and stock register is updated. Agents are appointed on the request of agents. The agents fulfil the requirements of the NCPUL terms & conditions – Agreement with price policy and a copy of blank cheque. The applications for appointment as agents are reviewed by PPO for approval and agreement is signed between NCPUL and the agent. Books are sent to the agent on their request and entry in stock register is maintained. NCPUL has its own mobile van for book promotion. Annual plan for mobile van tour is made. On tour finalization, the information is provided to the local NGOs working with NCPUL and also advertisement in local newspaper. The individuals buy books from the mobile van counter against proper receipt. Entry is updated in stock register. NCPUL participates in the book exhibitions organized at Urdu speaking areas all over India. The sale of books is done against proper receipt and entry in stock register is maintained. NCPUL also organizes Book Fairs especially for the Urdu Books. The fair is organized once every year in Urdu speaking areas. The inputs for selection of city are taken from book sellers and then decision is taken by the Director. NBT criteria for book fair are followed. Price list is reviewed and updated every month on the website. Updated price list is available at the sale counters. Hard copies of price list is updated and printed every six months. Content for publication in Newspapers as advertisement is prepared by the concerned Section and sent to the Dealing Officer (BP) after approval from Director. The content is sent to the Newspapers on list directly along with the details like – publication date, colours, size etc. The Newspaper published the advertisement and sends its bill along with copy of advertisement. Payment is then processed by the Dealing Officer.

Schemes are being dealt by the Section

Exhibition on Wheels
Financial assistance to Urdu Newspapers through Advertisements