Administration & Accounts Section

Admn. & Accounts section headed by Assistant Director (Admn.) have following subs sections and brief of the work done is as under:-

Accounts Section

  • Preparing of BE/RE, Annual Accounts and income expenditure statement.
  • Preparing of balance sheet along with schedules.
  • Payment of claims such as Medical, TA etc.

Establishment Section

  • Maintenance of Service Book and Personal file in respect of all permanent staff.
  • Preparing reply of Ministries correspondence, Parliament Question/RTI etc. to Admn. matters.
  • Recruitment, Promotion, Deployment and posting of staff in respect of regular/contractual employees as per requirement of schemes/office.
  • Preparing of salary bill in respect of regular employees.

S&S Section

  • Procurement of Stores, stationery, Office Furniture etc.
  • Maintenance of AMC for equipments, AC, Telephone, Computer etc.
  • Arrangement of conveyance, lunch/refreshment etc. during meeting/seminar and conferences.

Hindi Cell

  • Preparing and forwarding of reports and replies of Hindi correspondence.
  • Organize Hindi Pakhwada according the instruction of GoI.
  • Translation work from Urdu & English to Hindi vice versa.

R&I Section

  • Delivery of dak/magazines through empanelled outsource agency.
  • Receipts of Daks and deliver in concerned sections.

Coordination Section

  • RTI replies
  • Parliament Question
  • Grievances
  • Vigilance
  • preparation of Annual reports.