Website & language technology section

National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL), being a Nodal Agency at national level, is committed to promote and propagate Urdu language. In this regard NCPUL carries out different kind of activities including facilitating development of softwares and technologies, publishing of books and magazines, organizing workshops, running courses and undertakes promotional activities. So far NCPUL has published more than 1300 quality books in Urdu language related to literature, poetry and different subjects to enrich/ nurture Urdu language in India. One of the Objectives of the NCPUL is to promote and help in development of computerization with a view to develop the Urdu language to meet the advanced technological requirements of the age.
Keeping in view of the requirements of the age of technology, NCPUL is working to provide technological support for adaptation and propagation of Urdu language through the use of latest technology. Development of ‘eKitaab’, a mobile application for Android & iOS platform and Urdu e-library website is one of the steps taken in this direction.


eKitaab is first free Urdu ePub Book Reader of the world having Nastaleeq font support along with following features. Books provided by NCPUL can be downloaded and read on this reader. Once the book downloaded, there is no need to connect your device with internet. Some of the salient features of the App are:

  • Bilingual App (Urdu and English)
  • Nastaleeq font support
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android based devices and desktop
  • Global Language support (RTL page progression)
  • Accessibility features (Such as better semantics and pronunciation hint)
  • Interactive table of contents
  • Online trilingual Dictionary support (Urdu/ Hindi/ English)
  • Option of Showing reading status
  • Day/Night Mode Option (background can also be customized from the available colours)
  • Book/ word Search option available
  • Chapter Previews
  • Ability to increase/ decrease font size for viewing.
  • Ability to highlight text
  • Bookmark and Annotation option
  • Flip Mode/Click Mode


e-Library website is a platform to share knowledge available in Urdu language to the masses. It makes Urdu Books and Magazines in Unicode/ ePub format available online. Through this platform books under different category i.e. Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children Literature and different subjects published by NCPUL can be accessed. As a continuously growing platform, it supports online reading of Urdu Content, maintains and kept enhancing the collections.