Member of Urdu Council

Member of Urdu Council
Sr. No. Name Designation Department Address
1 A Chairman and a Vice-Chairman to be nominated by the Government of India.
2 Three MPs (two from Lok Sabha and One from Rajya Sabha).
3 Not less than two and subject to maximum of four representatives of the Urdu Voluntary organizations of all India importance preferably representing different zones (to be nominated by the Government of India).
4 Six Urdu Scholars in the field Urdu language/literature to be nominated by the Government of India.
5 Six prominent public men interested in promotion and development of Urdu language to be nominated by Government of India.
6 Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities or his representative.
7 Two representatives of the Government of India, Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, one of whom shall be from its Internal Finance Division.
8 One Representative each of four State/UTs having substantial Urdu speaking population.
9 Chairman, Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology, New Delhi.
10 Director, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.
11 Director, Central Hindi Directorate, New Delhi.
12 Director, Kendriya Hindi SANSTHAN, Agra.
13 Director, National Council for Educational Research and Training.
14 Nominee of University Grants Commission.
15 Nominee of Indian Council for Cultural Relations.
16 Representative of Ministry of Law.
17 Chairman, National Book Trust.
18 Chairman, Sahitya Academy.
19 Director General, Doordarshan.