Promotion Of Arabic & Persian

National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language recognizes the importance of classical languages in preserving cultural heritage of the country. Various programmes have been introduced for promotion and development of Arabic and Persian languages. These include:

  1. Strengthening of libraries and reading rooms by providing books purchased by NCPUL under bulk purchase scheme.
  2. Organising lectures, elocution contests, debates etc. in Arabic and Persian.
  3. Preparing bilingual dictionaries with Arabic and Persian as one of the languages.
  4. Publications of rare manuscripts in Arabic and Persian.
  5. Bulk purchase of books in Arabic & Persian.
  6. Institution of scholarships/prizes for students undertaking research in Arabic and Persian languages, literature and culture.
  7. Commissioning of projects, short term studies, seminars, conferences, workshops in Arabic and Persian.
  8. Setting up of Arabic and Persian languages institutions for the study of Arabic and Persian languages and or maintenance and development of such institutions.
  9. Construction of building, repairs of building or expansion of building meant for housing institutions engaged in propagation and development of Arabic and Persian languages.
  10. Any other activity which may be found conducive to the enrichment, propagation and development of these languages.